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Staff List

Nikki Ellis
Nikki's background is a B.App.Sc in Physical Education. She has worked since 2000 as a sessional academic at Victoria University teaching in the Clinical Exercise Science stream, Nikki continues to teach there today. Nikki has been running Cinch Rosanna for the past five years and has built it from ground zero, to the point where there are two studios, five staff members and a new 100sq meter boutique.
Nikki writes and presents frequently and is incredibly excited to be part of a new team at Cinch Macleod. 
Jacynta Annesley
Jacynta is a dedicated and passionate exercise professional! She also has an undergraduate degree in Clinical Exercise Science, and is now continuing on to do her Masters in CLinical Exercise Rehabilitation at Victoria University. Do you feel in safe hands? You should do! Jacynta will complete her studies as a certified exercise physiologist - we love her - we know you will too! 
Daylan McDonald
Daylan is a highly qualified and experienced PT as well as having experienced the other Wordly state of being a high level athlete (his sport is soccer). Daylan will absolutely bring our your best with his passion and enthusiasm for training and strength and conditioning in particular. We are so excited to welcome Daylan to our team! 
Andrew Ellis
Andrew Ellis (aka Foxy) has around 30 years experience in the fitness industry. He has an undergraduate degree in Physical Education and a Masters in Nutrition (and is currently completing a Grad Dip in Corporate Governance, as part of his alter ego life as a corporate guy). Andrew is a qualified Level I and II strength and conditioning coach, and has worked with many athletes,  non athletes and recreational athletes - to get them where they want to go in terms of their goals. 
He is the only trainer who Nikki has ever had as HER personal trainer - so that is really saying something! Andrew is not available for pt but will be taking one Group Training session per week on a Wed morning at 6am- book in quickly!